Tissue Processing

At Restoreflow Allografts our commitment to patient safety and tissue viability is expressed in our level of care in preparing and storing every tissue.

ClosingTributariesAt Restoreflow our state-of-the-art processing facilities prepare every allograft individually using certified ISO Class 5 to Class 7 clean equipment to better protect each patient from the risk of transmitted disease and infection. Our facilities have been specifically designed and our advancement beyond the use of basic aseptic processing utilizing modernized disinfecting techniques utilizing a single solution flush offers consistent results to eliminate environmental cross-contamination.

As an added precaution to delivering tissue that is reliably safe and to ensure the minimization  of risk of transferred diseases our disinfecting solutions contain no bovine products or derivatives.

By carefully preparing each tissue in a completely controlled environment and by employing stringent safety protocol we consistently produce the highest quality allograft tissue available, giving surgeons the confidence that their patients are safe.  That is our promise to you.

Validated Tissue Storage

CryoFreezeIn order to enhance the safety of each allograft transplant, and to further prevent the transmission of environmental contamination, every one of our allograft tissues is individually packaged specific to the type and stored using our precise cryogenic storage criteria. All of our Health Partners and surgeons are then provided with our specific instructions for safe storage, reconstitution, and reporting.

At Restoreflow, we fully appreciate the significance in receiving allograft tissue that is safe and of high quality. We also understand that any restorative transplantation surgery using human tissue involves various risks at all levels, which is why we personally visit each individual receiving hospital on the day of surgery to further ensure that our safety protocols are met and to assist our surgeons in proper thawing and preparation of all our allograft tissue, providing a level of commitment unmatched in the industry.


For More Information Download Our Free Allograft Safety Checklist!

Download our Free Allograft  Tissue Safety Checklist!