ISBT 128 Donor Coding/Labeling

At Restoreflow Allografts our implementation of the most advanced donor coding/labeling technology available today ensures consistent results in providing the highest levels of safety and reduction of disease transmission.


Going beyond industry standards, our team at Restoreflow utilizes a revolutionary technology known as the ISBT 128 Donor Coding/Labeling system, providing a global standard for complete identification, information, and labeling of all our donated tissue.

More than identification, the ISBT 128 encodes biological donor information that is unambiguous, reliably accurate, and available for use at any healthcare facility around the world. Beyond coding, our use of the ISBT 128 system helps to ensure correct and effective physical assignment of information to the specific tissue and confidence in the association of the information stored in our database and that on the actual product by individually labeling each allograft tissue.

By employing a uniquely comprehensive and extremely flexible coding/labeling method for each individual allograft tissue, our use of the ISBT 128 system provides international consistency to help support the safety of every donated tissue.

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For More Information Download Our Free Allograft Safety Checklist!

Download our Free Allograft  Tissue Safety Checklist!