Donor Criteria

At Restoreflow Allografts we understand the significant gift a tissue donor can make to the life of another human being. Whether life saving or for restorative purposes, providing donor families with the option to participate in tissue donation is at the forefront of our minds.

In order to maximize a donor’s gift of life, we have implemented extensive evaluation and testing, and have expanded beyond the use of various arbitrary factors that often limit tissue acceptance and utilization. While many Tissue Recovery Organizations still use seemingly outdated criteria to evaluate donor tissue based on factors such as age, we at Restoreflow have adopted other methods to evaluate the individual donor tissue received, such as the defined surgical implant specifications, and allograft type.

By instilling a company mission to producing the highest quality allograft tissue available, and  by taking the time to develop operating procedures that ensure the minimization of risk of transmitted diseases and infection, we can genuinely honor the profound gift each donor makes to significantly improve an individual’s quality of life.


For More Information Download Our Free Allograft Safety Checklist!

Download our Free Allograft  Tissue Safety Checklist!