Torico D. Jones, CTBS

Co-Founder, President, and Technical Director

Torico_D_JonesWith over 15 years of combined restorative transplantation services experience, Torico D. Jones is responsible for the proper technical training of all staff performing surgical tissue processing and preparation, cryopreservation, and proper packaging of allograft tissue. Torico acts in conjunction with Restoreflow’s Medical Directors to determine all acceptance criteria for tissue product specifications. Torico also heads the continuing education and training of all surgical staff in new and advanced techniques, and introductions to new tissue product lines offered by Restoreflow.

Demonstrating his commitment to Restoreflow’s highest standards of safety and quality control, Torico manages the technical training of all recovery staff and health partners to ensure the use of proper recovery techniques and to provide continued support in tissue preparation, and on-site training for distributors and surgeons.

Torico D. Jones is a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS), has completed extensive training in Endovenous Harvesting (EVH) equipment for vein removal and is a professional affiliate of the American Associates for Tissue Banks (AATB).