Health Partner/Surgeon Training

At Restoreflow Allografts we demonstrate our commitment to service and our promise to quality and care by building long-lasting relationships with our Health Partners and Surgeons.

At Restoreflow, we recognize the significance in receiving allograft tissue that is safe for patients and of high quality, which is why before sending any tissue for transplantation, we personally visit each individual receiving hospital to offer customized training and support to  all our surgeons.

In order to maximize the viability of every allograft tissue and to create stronger relationships built on trust, we provide follow up visits to all our surgeons whenever necessary, and on the day of surgery to assist in proper thawing and preparation of each allograft tissue and to ensure that our safety protocols are met, providing a level of commitment unmatched in the industry.


For More Information Download Our Free Allograft Checklist!

Download our Free Allograft  Tissue Safety Checklist!