Why Tissue Safety Is So Important

At Restoreflow Allografts our commitment to patient safety is always our primary concern. We fully understand that any restorative transplantation surgery using human tissue involves various risks at all levels, which is why we made it our primary goal to ensure that we reduce these risks to an absolute minimum.

Our dedication to providing the highest quality allograft tissue starts with implementing carefully validated procedures while creating redundancy safeguards at every stage. Redundancy is key. Our standard operating procedures allow us to protect the quality of the allograft tissue from harmful diseases or infections and act as a check-and-balance to the extremely rare event of tissue contamination. While the risks for contamination are always low, our 3 Stage Quality Control Plan provides for proprietary tissue restoration and preparation techniques, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to give both patients and surgeons the highest allograft tissue safety and quality assurance possible. That is our promise to you.

Our 3 Stage Quality Control Plan is implemented as follows:

Comprehensive Donor Screening Process

Allograft Tissue Laboratory Testing

Advanced Allograft Tissue Preparation and Storage

For More Information Download Our Free Allograft Safety Checklist!

Download our Free Allograft  Tissue Safety Checklist!