Common Procedures using Vascular Allografts

Restorative transplantation of donated human vascular allograft tissue for medical treatment has been successfully used for over 60 years. Below, you will find some of the more frequently performed procedures using vascular allografts. For a more comprehensive list, please contact your local surgeon.


Arteriovenous (AV) Access

One of the most common and advanced treatment options for kidney failure is known as Hemodialysis. Hemodialysis often requires access via vascular allograft tissue, particularly for patients whom autologous AV fistula is not a viable option. Restoreflow Allografts’ Femoral Vein and Artery offers an extremely safe and durable alternative to synthetic hemodialysis grafts by reducing the potential for graft infection commonly associated with synthetic products and by increasing the use and longevity of the hemodialysis site. Restoreflow Allografts’ Femoral Vein and Artery are also a preferred conduit for patients with high risk of AV access infections. 


Peripheral Bypass

Peripheral Bypass, also commonly known as lower extremity bypass, is a common procedure used to redirect blood flow in order to bypass obstructed or damaged arteries. Restoreflow Allografts’ Saphenous Vein and Femoral Artery are frequently used for patients requiring secondary peripheral bypass procedures, particularly for patients that do not have autologous  conduit tissue suitable for use. Restoreflow Allografts’ Saphenous Vein and Femoral Artery offer superior mobility over alternative synthetic grafts and are commonly used to relieve symptoms in the legs and feet, helping to prevent serious health consequences such as stroke, limb amputation, heart attacks, and even death.


Restoring Infected Fields

While our bodies are extremely resilient, there are times when we suffer from infection and need immediate medical attention. Vascular, Peripheral Bypass, and Aortic Infections are conditions requiring serious solutions that offer consistent, reliable results. Restoreflow Allografts’ Saphenous Vein, Femoral Artery, and Thoracic Aorta offer a dependably safe, high quality solution for when these situations arise, allowing surgeons to feel confident when treating vascular infections containing fungal, and gram positive or negative pathogens.



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