Our Mission

At Restoreflow Allografts our mission is built on creating sustainable practices and implementing the highest industry standards.

Restoreflow is dedicated to providing industry leadership and research for restorative transplantation and preservation of donated allograft tissue for medical treatment. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the highest quality control standards to further enhance the lives of countless people in our communities, while providing our health partners and surgeons with remarkable service and attention creating long-lasting relationships built on trust.

Our Core Values include:

Dedication - We are dedicated to our donors and donor families in our devotion to preserve the gift of each donation, honoring each donor family’s legacy.

Integrity - We will act with the utmost integrity, be honest in word and deed and respectful in a way that honors others and self.

Support - We will act as stewards in providing the highest level of support to our recovery partners in providing tissue to the communities in which they serve.

Quality - We will provide the highest standards of quality and service in meeting our surgeons’ needs and be diligent throughout our processes and within our industry.

Excellence - We are committed to a culture of excellence in all of our practices and relationships with our industry partners.